Food and Beverage

3,5 month Hanoi REACH, Haiduong REACH, Hoian REACH, Danang REACH, Hue REACH


Students will study in 15 weeks from 8h30 - 11h30 in the morning and 13h30 - 17h00 in the afternoon, from Monday to Friday( On Friday, Students will practice in companies in Ha Noi). The 3.5-month F & B Training course at REACH will equip students with a full range of knowledge of food service and blending of alcoholic, non-alcoholic, vitamins, coffee and tea. milk ...


During 3.5 months studying at REACH, students will learn two main skills: desk service and bar service.

Specific content and curriculum:

1st month: Foodservice

+ Receptionist, full service & skills in restaurants, hotels: trays, walking, dishes, cups, glasses

2nd month: Beverage service

+ Blend non-alcoholic drinks.

+ Blend alcoholic drinks.

Beer, liqueur, spirits, wine, cocktails, mocktail ...

The last 1.5 months: Internship + graduation exam.

After a month of practicing directly at restaurants, hotels ... students will go back to school for a half month and take part

in the graduation exam.

✰ Are supported from 80%-100% tuition fees (Students do not have to pay any fee when taking part in the course).
✰Are equipped with knowledge of life skills, soft skills: personal finance, reproductive health...
✰ Learn English for 3.5 months at REACH.
✰Learn by practicing: learning the theory in class while practicing at the enterprise.
✰✰✰ Especially, 100% of students will be introduced jobs after the completing course ( the demand for recruiting Food and Beverage staffs is extremely high)


Regularly open a new course in March, July, and November.

STUDY TIME: 3 months, from Monday to Friday.

Youth in disadvantaged circumstances from 18 to 30 years old, the highest education is grade 12, belonging to one of the following criteria:

+ Low-income family (economic challenge, poor)

+ Family under preferential treatment policy.

+ Return from military service; Don’t have a stable job (difficult family circumstances)

+ Difficult agricultural and fishery family.

+ Broken family, live with father/ mother or be orphaned.

+ Family member(s) suffer(s) from fatal disease.

+ Teenagers in difficult situation have not finished grade 12.

+ Teenagers in difficult situations and is ethnic minority.

+ Others.

APPLICATION FORM To enroll in Food and Beverage Services at REACH, students need to prepare a full record sent via post office or submit it directly.

Records include:

· Curriculum vitae is certified by the local authority

· Copy of birth certificate

· Photo of ID

· Application for vocational training.

· Copy of the highest educational certificate.

· 02 portraits size 3x4

· Priority papers ( if have): Confirmation of economic challenge/ poor family, confirmation of fatal disease.

The record can be sent directly or via post office to REACH.


1st option: Submit directly at REACH.

2nd option: Send records via post office to REACH

3rd option: Apply online and the admissions officer will call to set the interview schedule. Online registration link:

Any questions, please contact via: Email: